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Michael Roney is an award-winning publishing pro with deep experience in print and digital media in both professional and consumer markets. An innovator at Bantam, Random House, John Wiley & Sons, Bantam, and IDG Books Worldwide, he has published scores of books generating millions in sales and also has been a contributor and columnist for several national magazines. Michael assists authors in assuring that their books are optimally targeted, professionally written and developed, then circulated to the broadest possible audience through distributors, and digital platforms throughout the world.





Sarah Clarehart is a gifted graphic designer and photographer who offers many years of experience with Bantam, Random House and other global brands in books, technology and pharmaceuticals. Utilizing her years of expertise, she brings an abundance of her own creative ideas to each project, but never forgets that the author is co-creator. She helps each author to realize their creative vision in the most eloquent and effective manner possible, resulting in maximum impact for each book.





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