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Do you have a compelling story to tell - a novel, self-help guide or memoir for today and future generations? We can bring your special vision to the book marketplace in a way that intrigues, engages and inspires readers while shaping the perceptions of the people and communities that matter to you.

With Highpoint, you don’t need to worry about navigating the often confusing world of book publishing. We’ll take you all the way from concept to printing, distribution, marketing and publicity. Our highly personalized approach puts a team of publishing industry veterans on your book custom project, providing:

Publishing market research and analysis

Branding and Positioning Strategy

High-impact cover and interior design with full layout

Publishing in both print and e-book formats to Amazon,
    Barnes & Nobel, Apple and scores of other outlets

Post-publication marketing and PR.


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Our Latest Release!

Laser Lady Meets the Light Junkies: A Hollywood Memoir

“Linda Lane is a true original. She recognized the value of the hologram and introduced hundreds of her friends to the phenomenon.  I was an early convert and introduced Nic Roeg, director of the movie, The Man Who Fell To Earth. History in the making.”
Candy Clark

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